Travelers, experience hunters, bon vivants…. 26 restless impressions from two continents, immersed in crystal clear underwater idylls and using the camera lens to thrill and excite. Inspiring moments which are pure escape.

Global Girl Travels

Behind Global Girl Travels is the fearless Jessica Peterson. At the age of 21, she began traveling both hemispheres in search of the best stories and photographs. She considers herself a ‘writer of stories’ and in the last seven years has been to places as disparate as Bali, Hong Kong, the United Arab Emirates and New Zealand.

Global Girl Travels allows you to immerse yourself in a whole world of experiences and stories that will pull you in.

#BarceloBavaroGrandResort #Sportsandadventure
#BarceloBavaroGrandResort #Destination
#BarceloBavaroGrandResort #Destination